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Investors lost everything by trusting Citron Research maneuvered by Andrew Left releasing fake news and research reports aiming at stock market manipulation. The end result for those naive investors is bankruptcy. Ubiquity Networks is a victim of fraud as others addressed here.

Unfortunately, it is not just Ubiquity Networks and its investors as the latest victims of fraud -- scammers use the argument "bad advise" to justify their actions – also WayFair (W) and Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) were victims of a disgraceful campaign aiming at stock market manipulation.

If you have not lost all your money yet selling short Ubiquiti Networks, you missed the best bull market in history.

Before proceeding it is wise to refer to a couple of articles discussing the facts:

Ubiquiti Networks Explode to New All-Time Highs!

Indeed, the company has just reported its best quarter since it went public soaring to $126 in 2019. How's your short position with a target price zero doing?

AI Vision Alex Vieira sold its stake in Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) wishing the best of luck to long-term investors.

Resuming, you get better service in the free app compared to the terrible losses suffered by those investing in fake news.

How to invest in the markets for free!

Are you a victim of a SCAM? Learn about costly mistakes from others like you.

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