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A.I Vision Fund commented on Christine Lagarde vision for the Euro slashing its price target. The Euro crashed to new lows in 2020 as expected.

Christine Lagarde Has No Clue About Europe! Euro Collapse - Autonomous AI Trading
According to her most recent speech, she is either calling us fools or she is plain stupid. There’s no other alternative. Extraordinary the incompetence of these people! Feeling sorry for Europeans.
Euro to Collapse!
Extraordinary the incompetence of these people! Feeling sorry for Europeans.

The currency pair EUR/USD crashed to $1.086. Alex Vieira asks:

Only a complete idiot would lose money in the financial markets using artificial intelligence; it's mathematically impossible.
AI Forex Algorithm Behind EURUSD Plunging from $1.252
In this article we discuss the value of artificial intelligence in the Forex markets, in the most important currency pair in the world, the Euro/Dollar issuing a bearish forecast for the Euro ahead. Regardless of your opinion you cannot beat AI in the Forex markets.
Euro to Crash! Buy Dollars Idiot!

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Should investors worry about the Euro crashing? Learn more about what really matters with the world's best traders' team

A.I Forex Trading Outlook 2020
Alex Vieira talks about the trading strategies of his choice on the most important currency pairs in the world EUR/USD and GBP/USD. He makes a historical announcement regarding the teams’ choice for 2020 including A.I Forex data on GBP/USD and EUR/USD.
Forex outlook 2020
Welcome Tesla $1,000. How’s Your Short Doing Stupid American?
Alex Vieira has been educating stupid Americans to invest in Tesla since $36 helping them to succeed while preventing non-believers from losing all their money selling short the stock. Learn how to invest in Tesla for free.
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