Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Autonomous AI Trading upgraded Boeing to Strong Buy at a price of $320 on corrupt analysts downgrades, while Deere (DE) has been downgraded at $170 on consecutive Wall Street upgrades.  GameStop is an American SCAM junk since $46

Deere (DE) a former Strong Buy $56 has missed earnings for two consecutive years, whilst the long-term outlook for Boeing remains healthy

Wall Street is engaged in Deere share price manipulation. We would be very careful. My main preference this quarter was to buy Boeing while Wall Street was downgrading. Always do the opposite of what criminals tell you to do. Alex

Invest 3 Billion! Wall Street Upgrades Coming!

Autonomous Trading Buys Massive Stake in Boeing
Americans will be upgrading Boeing to $500 soon, or even higher. I am long ahead of the frenzy. Alex
Boeing Strong Buy from $320
Israeli AI Trading Algorithm Delivers Billion Profit to Boeing Investors on Crash
Learn the real story behind Boeing stock crash and how investors used self-learning AI algorithms to forecast and profit from Boeing crash from $441 down to $364 while Wall Street kept raising price targets.

Autonomous Trading urges investors to sell short GameStop (GME) an articulated American SCAM

UAE Artificial Intelligence Invest in Deere Forecasting GAMESTOP Crash $DE $GME
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