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Autonomous Trading team downgraded AMD at $27, its price target, after upgrading shares to Strong Buy at $9.85 urging investors to buy millions of shares. The team recommended to investors to get into their new stock pick, but also issuing new instructions for AMD long-term investors.

AMD Soars to $27 Automated Trading Price Target

Alex Vieira has issued the most bullish forecast for AMD in the past decade urging investors to buy millions of shares.

Billionaire, Market Legend and Seer Buying Millions of AMD Shares

AMD long-term investors can continue following my guidance available at Autonomous Trading. AMD is an extraordinary stock pick which will continue giving tremendous profits ahead. Vieira

Autonomous Trading on AMD Creates History in the Markets by IntuitiveCode on

Learn more about Autonomous Trading team that created history investing in AMD turning this company into the New Silicon Valley Star.

How Alex Vieira Turned AMD, Nvidia and Amazon into the Hottest Stocks on the Planet

Invest in the Next AMD NOW!

It's time to take some profits in AMD to invest in the NEXT AMD! What do you think? We're talking about a company unknown by more than 98% of Americans! It looks very bullish as investors already jumped in. Are you going to be the last one?

Billionaire, Market Legend and Seer Announces the Next AMD

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