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ROKU is one of my core investment positions in the U.S stock market after I accurately predicted its share price collapse from $58.7 announced in real-time on Autonomous Trading Blog. ROKU buyout is a potential scenario to explore.

Automated Trading Platform Predicts ROKU share price CRASH

Please refer to the world's best free live stock forecasts available in the investment industry.

The Worst is Over for ROKU. Short Selling Panic Ahead!

ROKU buyout is a potential scenario to explore. Today ROKU is a stock trading at $47, everyone is making millions of dollars in the markets by following my personal real-time guidance.

The fact is that stocks are dramatically cheap as we had the privilege of announcing it here for the past three decades.

If you did not cover ROKU at $31 with a multi-million dollars profit, you should do it today with a tremendous loss since I have never failed a forecast as you can see live on the tape unlike Wall Street crooks! Congratulations. Vieira

When retail investors are selling, I am covering the short positions buying ahead of the coming bull market. What about you?

Learn more about the algorithm behind ROKU exponential share price rally, the same used to invest in Tesla making history in the financial markets.

Autonomous Trading AI Tesla Algorithm Trading $67 Million Profit

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