Autonomous Vision AI Fund Sparks Micron Stock Crash Slashing Price Target

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Autonomous Vision AI Fund issued an ultra bearish outlook for Micron responsible for its share price crash offering to Micron investors the opportunity to sell shares at a market top reversing to the short side making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Getting Ready for the Collapse!

Autonomous Vision AI Fund CEO, Alex Vieira, sold his stake in Micron (MU) issuing an ultra bearish outlook for the company. The billionaire sold stocks at a market top issuing an ultra bearish outlook for stocks.

What you are seeing is a lifetime opportunity to dump stocks ahead of a meltdown, while back in 2009 we were screaming to invest in the stock market, precisely when today's fools were selling.

Billions of dollars have been vaporized for our own benefit and our customers. AI is the future. Vieira

Micron share price collapses on ultra bearish outlook

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