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AMD investors bailed out at the very top acquiring massive short positions following the recommendation of AMD insiders while Wall Street was deceiving the common investor forcing them buying at bubble prices. AMD shares crashed 50% since our downgrade.

AMD Bull Market is Gone!

AMD has been downgraded to Strong Sell, learn more about the legendary team responsible for taking AMD share price from $9.85 to $34.

Autonomous Clients sell AMD shares at $34 ahead of stock crash

AMD is back to earth trading after-hours at $17.5 seeing the bankrupt crowd selling en masse.

Don't worry folks, Micron (MU) bulls were also believers in Wall Street miracle $100, but Micron is today just $35.

No one is going to bail you out this time.  You had a lifetime opportunity to dump stocks at new all-time highs ahead of the coming crash!

It's the best time in our lives to make money in the stock market playing with the bankrupt crowd. Alex.

The crowd is BANKRUPT as forecasted. 

The Worst is Yet to Come & You Have No Money Left!

It's interesting how people do believe they are smart! It became sort of fancy to speculate in the markets. But, our customers took all the money from you.  It's in good hands. Call Jim Cramer 888-HELP-BANANA-AMD

How's that AMD upgrade to $40 worked out for you? AMD insiders know better what to do folks!  

Autonomous Vision Fund Sells Nvidia Downgrading to Strong Sell $294

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