Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Learn how savvy investors are beating Wall Street sheer incompetents who have been deceiving investors for years using fake news, hilarious analysis, and utterly bearish price targets on the media.

Intuitive Code created the TNT plan and acronym in December 2019 to invest in Tesla and the Next Tesla seeing nine-digit growth since then.

We created the Intuitive Code TNT plan and acronym in December 2019 to invest in Tesla and the Next Tesla seeing four-digit growth since then substituting the well-known FAANG in the finance industry.
I joined the TNT plan after making $26,000 on Microsoft using Alex's free tips on the blog. My account has gone parabolic the day I joined TNT, $700k on my first week. E. Cabrita. Certified Review

Learn more about the vision that changed people's lives forever!

The Vision that Changed People’s Lives Helping Them to Defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic
The past few months have been very complicated for people going through very restrictive lockdowns and financial issues. As a mother, I experienced it firsthand, but our team learned to see this crisis as a lifetime opportunity to improve
I got over $700,000 since I started investing in Tesla with Alex. The speed of profits is unbelievable. Alex gives clear instructions on video perfect timing. I learned more in one month in ai premium lifetime than in ten years listening to the stupidity of others. Jump aboard. Read others' reviews. You will not regret it. 3 of my friends joined. I should have joined before. You've no idea how much this guy has given us. If I was a hedge fund could have made $50 million-plus. Elena's support on Tesla is perfect giving extra guidance. Pedro. Certified Review

Listen to Einstein

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein.

The people who has been downgrading are going to double and triple their price targets making fun of you because they all know you are more stupid, than them, and it's true. Einstein has never been wrong. American history is Epstein based. Alex Vieira
A.I Trading APP Releases Tesla Stock Analysis Fueling Rally from $179 to $1,550 Worth 300 Billion Market Cap
Learn the truth about the extraordinary team behind Tesla historical stock rally from $179 to $1,550 in just twelve months worth today $300 billion market cap, more than Toyota and Volkswagen combined. Alex Vieira disclosed his investment strategy to make billions in the markets.
Do you know how you feel when you finally meet the one you love? That's my story.I have been in all sorts of relationships in my conquest to get a functional trading app to guide me, but I have failed. There have been the bad, the terrible, and the ugly, and many of the previous applications have felt like after-thoughts or just plain scams, not fitting for the serious investor. Alex’s trading app is completely the opposite - it is well thought out, well-architected, fully integrated, and at a price level suitable for the average investor. I really believe this team because I have seen that it works - the leader (Alex) and the entire support team are very real, saying things as they are without trying to deceive or sugarcoat anything. I will definitely pitch a ride with a company that has integrity and walks the talk, placing his money where their mouth is. Therefore, I am now a user, a reseller, and I have forsaken all others. We will ride the tide together. I already have twenty of my clients interested in the app. Is the app perfect? Perfect does not exist, but it is the best there is light years ahead of what I have seen. It changed my life, investing in Tesla and Spotify. Note that I did not believe in any of these two companies. Thank you!
Billionaire Strategy Betting Against David Tepper’s Bearish Market Outlook Gives Billions to Investors
Intuitive Code has been explaining the best investment strategies to invest in the markets beating Wall Street, David Tepper, Warren Buffett, Jeffrey Gundlach, and everyone else using A.I Perelman algorithm trading giving billions of dollars to investors.
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