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Investors should sell their positions in biotech companies as we are headed to a market crash. The only imbeciles losing money in the markets are those buying bubble stocks.

If you refuse to sell today the coming bear market and crash will destroy your account. Alex

Sell Mallinckrodt Ahead of Market Crash

Mallinckrodt share price rallied almost 400% since Autonomous Trading upgrade to Strong Buy, but now investors should sell shares of the biotech company ahead of a market crash announced in the company Blog.

Autonomous AI Vision Sells Mallinckrodt shares

Mallinckrodt share price is currently trading at $20.8 which is according to our expectations. Sell now because you will never see again $85 when I downgraded it to Junk. Alex

Have you lost money in the stock market? Good! Fuck Off!

Biotech Stocks Headed to Horrible Crash

Biotech stocks are headed to a crash therefore investors should sell going short! Don't complain later on you were not informed about it.

The opinion in Wall Street is unanimous 

AI Urges Sell bluebird bio $217. Goldman Sachs is deceiving investors.

Short sellers ripping the most profits since the DOT.COM bubble

Now, tell me Have you Lost Money in the Markets? Here’s the Free Solution from the Greatest Investors!

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