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Intuitive Code has a junk rating in Under Armour since $51.5 naming it a Ponzi scheme. As Wall Street returned to the name in 2018 raising price targets, Autonomous Trading sold its stake assuming a short position.

Intuitive Code Downgrades Under Armour Naming it a Ponzi Scheme

Intuitive Code is the only company in the world which accurately predicted and invested in Under Armour (UA) share price collapse against scammers and crooks whose main goal has been to deceive investors for years.

SELL Under Armour the NEW Wall Street Ponzi Stock

Autonomous Trading Sell Under Armour and Hertz! Crash Pending!

Learn more about crooks upgrading stocks ahead of a stock market crash! Be aware! Autonomous Trading, a division of Intuitive Code issued sell signals in Under Armour (UA) at $22.5, and in Hertz (HTZ) at $21.35.

Both stocks are going down faster than you ever imagined. The United States is the country of the greatest Ponzi scheme ever. Alex

AI VISION World's Largest Fund Sells Hertz Ahead of Markets to Crash

The Market Crash Will Be Horrible! 

They said that cryptocurrencies would never crash, it was impossible because it is the next big thing! We proved them all wrong making the calls from the top.

They said that one cannot predict a top in Amazon with 100% accuracy, it is impossible! It's impossible because fraudsters do not comprehend how actually it is done in real-time from those invested in Amazon from $77.

They also say that sometimes one can get lucky, but it is mathematically impossible to do it one thousand times, however, an ignorant fails to comprehend who has the power and money to do it whenever it is necessary.

They also said that a bear market is not possible, much less a crash, it's just a simple correction, but we proved them all wrong helping everyone else to achieve the highest return on investment in the markets ever instead of losing money following the investment advice of crooks.

They also said that it is impossible to predict a market top and a bottom. It's certainly impossible for those who were downgrading stocks in 2009 at the bottom just to raise targets to absurd levels in 2018, but again we demonstrate that fraudsters have never been a reliable source of information.

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