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The legendary investor who recently turned bearish ROKU at $176 seeing its share price crashing made an important announcement releasing a new AI analysis. ROKU share price gained almost $30 per share since then.

ROKU Investor Average Profit $5 Million Weekly!

ROKU share price is exploding once again as a new A.I trading report was released to more than forty thousand investors worldwide including investment firms and hedge funds.

Breaking News Alex Vieira Updates ROKU Investors! - Autonomous AI Trading
Listen to the legendary investor ahead of ROKU earnings! The most recent update has been released! ROKU investors have been updated accordingly and in real-time unlike scammers in Wall Street

Surreal Profits for those following the investment advise of AI Perelman Fields Medal Trading

I joined this program after following your great work on youtube videos, This program and course it's super amazing I really admire your exceptional technology wisdom and team, I love your 100% accurate predictions performance results, Beyond Amazing Technology. Gil
Alex Vieira Live Trading Sells ROKU $176 Making $1 Billion
Alex Vieira urged investors on live trading selling ROKU after doubling its price target to $170. He upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy on IPO at $19. During the bull market he urged investors to acquire massive positions to maximize their return on investment
It's pretty much as one of the reviews says on the website "Alex is Beyond Steve Jobs". Alex lifetime trading is my dream plan. $4 million trading Roku, Slack, Shopify, Netflix, Pinterest, Chipotle, Tesla. Never seen a loss. Today, more $230,000 on Tesla missing deliveries. He made the PERFECT CALL at $248.5, sold and went short! Tesla $230 after-hours. Dive in today! Куриленко

ROKU exploded to $123 pre-market as millions of Americans tune into ROKU to watch Donald Trump vs. Xi. Grab your best deal ever!

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