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Autonomous Trading team says there are great opportunities to invest in the markets going forward. In the past days the team closed several short positions loading up the truck ahead of the stock rally!

Although fundamentals will play an important role going into 2020 there are still grossly undervalued stocks which could eventually double.

Interested in learning more? Talk to Alex about it today.

I'm no longer short. I reversed to the long side. Alex

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Investors can find in the new A.I premium series ideas to invest in ahead of 2020 to make 100% return on investment.

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Alex Vieira Strikes $1 Billion Deal. Warren Buffett Jumps in
In September 2019, we announced that Alex Vieira made $1 billion deal with some of the world’s largest investors and funds. Elena and Buffett on Apple’s Best Rally Ever. Lear more here.
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