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Here are the results including reviews on surreal profits, and lifetime plans. Anyone paying to get advise from Wall Street or putting their money in funds has a serious mental illness.

We decided to make important modifications in our strategy going forward after listening to customers feedback and employees

Firstly, the plan app 365 has been discontinued, i.e, it is no longer available.

We are not willing to continue selling a plan at a huge loss when companies as Hubspot and everyone else is charging thousands of dollars for its 90 days onboarding plan which has no comparison to ours in real value. App 365 had a price tag of $120 for one year. Completely Absurd!

Therefore, this plan has been renamed, enriched and substituted by a different one. Today, you can pre-order it for 30% less compared to any future price. In fact, since the design of the plan has not terminated maybe you will end up saving 70% or more.

Obviously, Hubspot bubble was sold and shorted giving millions to any investor with a brain. This new strategy explains pretty much how the new plan is working. Alex
Largest Hubspot Investor and Bull Market Legend Downgrades to Sell $205
Autonomous AI Trading CEO, Alex Vieira, has been a long term investor in Hubspot since $33 urging everyone to invest in, however, recently he changed his bullish tone to bearish urging everyone to dump going short.
Hubspot crashed to $147 for the week. We make it happen. Gamblers in Wall Street have nothing left. Alex

Secondly, as a result of listening to customers and those who regularly approach us, a new plan was created giving one the freedom to choose whether to join it.

We strongly suggest that you read the available FAQ for $99 lifetime plan on the site.

Common people are stupid, they rather pay $3,000 for Hubspot standard onboarding than $90 for a lifetime plan that will dramatically improve their lives. Anyone paying to get advise from Wall Street or putting their money in funds has a serious mental illness.
Lifetime AI Trading
$99 lifetime plan

Thirdly, those who purchased my recent forecasts announced on the Blog have made surreal profits within a few days.

Notice that you have access to my forecasts for free on live trading, and often in AI bundles. Alternatively, you can purchase them at very affordable prices as a member.
Surreal profits

Autonomous Trading Starts Cutting on Users

For more information refer to this notification.  We started reducing traffic on the site which increased 1 million in the past couple of months by letting in 5% of users as explained in other notification.

Google rank

You may ask why. For many reasons. We and Wall Street have an agreement.

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