Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Autonomous AI Trading upgraded Netflix at $255 ahead of earnings after downgrading the stock at $385 ahead of the previous earnings report - 100% free multi-million profit market calls.

Be careful with Jim Cramer the terrorist! You go bankrupt overnight! Jail the mother fucker today.

Jim Cramer is a human aberration and one of the most corrupt human beings in history.

Netflix investors can get 100% accurate real-time trade alerts on Netflix on the Blog, Alex's free, and paid courses, and finally AI Trading plans.

Learn more about Jim Cramer best investment ideas - SmileDirectClub - one of the greatest scams ever!

Smile Direct Club is a SCAM. I Offer $10 Million to Short Sellers
Smile Direct Club IPO was downgraded to Junk at $19.5 referring to Jim Cramer as a terrorist. Furthermore, I offer $10 million to short sellers, a Lamborghini and Porche Taycan as announced on the Blog.

Alex Vieira sold his long-term stake in Netflix at $420 when the famous crook Jim Cramer raised its target to $700 echoing Goldman Sachs

Alex Vieira Sells Netflix $420 Negative Outlook Triggers Crash
Intuitive Code and Autonomous Trading sold its long-term investment stake in Netflix since single digits. This article discusses Netflix ahead of earnings crash and better options for investors during 2018.
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