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Twilio share price crashed to $93 as a result of a downgrade to Strong Sell from Autonomous Trading at $150 while Jim Cramer, a famous American fraudster, continued luring investors into the name. Alex Vieira named Jim Cramer a terrorist ahead of the crash.

Legendary Twilio Bull Downgrades to Strong Sell $150 as Jim Cramer Turns Bullish
Twilio has reached Autonomous AI Trading price target $150 in 2019 disclosed to investors in 2018 on an upgrade to Strong Buy at $25 referred to as undervalued 500%. We’re now short Twilio as Jim Cramer turned bullish the name urging everyone to buy it ahead of the tech collapse.

Jim Cramer is a Terrorist! Arrest Him!

More than 95% of Americans are dumber than Donald Trump and Jim Cramer uses them as toys.

Should Jim Cramer Be Arrested After Formal Investigation? - Autonomous AI Trading
According to Alex Vieira, the famous American crook is more active than ever in the history of the stock market!
Jim Cramer Should Be Arrested ASAP!
Twilio Live Stock Crash on Downgrade to Strong Sell

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