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According to Facebook it's mathematically impossible to offer better support than Autonomous Trading, 100% response rate, 1-minute response time. Intuitive Code AI has more than 4,000 real followers despite the fact that has never sold services on Facebook.

You may visit our Facebook page here.

Some interesting facts

  • vast majority of our customers are not on Facebook
  • the company has never sold services on Facebook.
  • the company does not use Facebook as a selling plaform.
  • the company has never used Facebook data to sell services.
  • the company has never paid to get followers on social media.
  • the company and its members are not investors in Facebook, sold its shares at $217 announcing it in real-time on social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), unlike scammers on the web deceiving and inflicting huge losses to everyone.

Why are these official metrics important to you?

Despite the fact that Facebook does not bring us any revenue, the company has always responded to inquiries on Facebook demonstrating its culture, ethics and values, even before the most demanding pressure seen during market hours when everyone is trading making serious money.

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