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We continue discussing AMD for long-term investors, but also providing day traders with the necessary tools to continue making astonishing profits. This article addresses the best trading strategies for AMD going forward after we predicted AMD stellar share price performance in 2018.

How Alex Vieira Turned AMD, Nvidia and Amazon into the Hottest Stocks on the Planet

How Alex Vieira Turned AMD, Nvidia and Amazon into the Hottest Stocks on the Planet

Updating Investors in the Most Critical Moments

We know that most investors have a lot of questions after the recent article Billionaires, Market Legends and Seers Downgrade AMD at $27 Cashing Out Billions was published to the Blog.

For this reason, I decided to respond to questions on a VOD dedicated to AMD investors. Obviously, the video is not suitable for day-trading. If your main interest is day-trading, or short-term trading it is required a service with live audio trading feature.

In the past weeks several videos of very high value were made available to members and/or subscribers. Here's a brief list

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  • Amazon 1 billion dollars forecast
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  • EUR/USD and GBP/USD analysis and Brexit plan
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  • Shopify earnings and forecast
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  • Biogen earnings and analysis
  • Spotify forecast
  • and many more available

AMD stock analysis 2019 for investors.

Please refer to the following introduction on video. You can order the full version by contacting us.

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