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Autonomous Trading CEO sold his stake in Abiomed (ABMD) at a price of $440 along with Netflix at $420. Both stocks have been major components of his bull portfolio in the U.S stock market.

Dumping Abiomed Stake at Multi-Year Highs

We have been long-term investors in Abiomed (ABMD) and Netflix (NFLX) but both stocks reached valuations which we consider excellent opportunities to take profits in the markets ahead of a correction.

Alex Vieira Sells Netflix $420 Negative Outlook Triggers Crash

Artificial Intelligence Price Prediction Abiomed ABMD by IntuitiveCode on

Outrageous Valuations are Back! Be Aware!

Autonomous Trading has warned investors for the existence of outrageous valuations in the tech sector while Wall Street and CEO's are raising stock targets playing fraudulent games. Investors should proceed with extreme cautious because often these events signal the end of a bull market.

SEC News! Tesla Stock to Crash! Rampant Fraud!

There is no need to panic until there is the need! Before questions there are NO doubts! DUMP NOW! Louis

Alex Vieira Sells Facebook $217 Warning about Earnings Crash

Therefore, Autonomous Trading is selling going short while the momentum is the highest in decades!

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