Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Netflix has been our core investment position in the U.S stock market for more than a decade. Intuitive Code is reducing its investment on Netflix maintaining $430 as price target.

Netflix to Double or Buyout!

One picture is worth one thousand words. Everything else on the web is a scam!

Alex Vieira Netflix Multi-Billion Investment is Paying Off

AI Tech Fund Netflix Share Price to Double or Netflix Buyout

Only a complete idiot has not been a long-term investor in Netflix and Amazon. They are finally  revealing themselves to the world since the shame is unbearable! Vieira

Autonomous Trading AI Trading on Netflix 10,390% ROI by IntuitiveCode on

AI Robotic Trading Amazon. Netflix. Tesla. Twitter. $245 Million in 8 Years

Best companies to invest in long-term addressed in this video: Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter.

Amazon share price soared to $1720, while Netflix zoomed to $390 and Twitter is the new Wall Street darling trading at $46.

Amazon has been a Strong Buy since $77, Netflix since $5.85 and Twitter since $14.65

Perelman's AI Fields Medal Trading Algorithm.

Start using Perelman’s artificially intelligent algorithm to outperform any market participant, including hedge funds, and professional investors. It is available on stocks, ETF, forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities. See a demo on the smart sheet dashboard.

Become a long-term investor in the markets instead of following the useless advise of Wall Street crooks

Alex Vieira Netflix Multi-Billion Investment is Paying Off

AI ultra performance portfolios consistently deliver the highest return on investment worldwide - a known historical fact based on reviews and thirty years public track record.

Artificial Intelligence 3N Ultra Performance Portfolio Netflix Nvidia NetApp for Investors

Autonomous Trading trims investment position on Netflix
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