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We are adding high-valuable free features to Tesla Investors Club. Learn more about AI Stream, the Quip app and Live Technical Analysis course.

AI Stream Trading Tesla

This is a tremendous valuable add-on since the annual price for AI Stream is higher than a subscription to Tesla Investors Club. This offer is valid for existing subscribers.
So far, subscribers to Tesla investors club have been supported by Elena who has been doing a magnificent job - with very few trades and clear messages Elena has proven to be one of the world's best traders in Tesla explaining properly

  • when to buy/cover Tesla
  • when to sell/short Tesla
  • position sizing
  • live earnings call

Hereafter, there will be some changes in Tesla investor club. I will be responsible for it.
Advantages of adding AI stream to Tesla investors club

  • higher return on investment
  • less risk
  • more trades
  • live audio commentary
  • detailed explanation of AI trade signals issued by the AI BOT
  • far less clutter
  • high-value real-time education
  • real-time note taking
  • available recorded sessions
  • and much more...

Notice that AI stream does not work daily

Brand New Quip free app

We have been using Slack platform for collaboration, however we have been looking for a different configuration, considering that the best is to:

  • Slack shall be used to post AI trade signals, but nothing else. This will reduce the amount of clutter to the minimum improving significantly your experience.
  • Quip shall be used for collaboration, calendars, AI data and so on.

We have been using Quip for quite awhile for our team. Investors shall be pleased by knowing that companies as Facebook and Amazon have been using this app as well.
Learn more how to make a multi-billion profit investing in Facebook against the crowd, long and short!

Free Live technical analysis for Tesla investors

The new revised version of Live Technical Analysis is now free to existing subscribers to Tesla investors club! We have been adding tremendous value to existing subscriptions without price increase

AI stream + Quip app + Live Technical Analysis = 100% FREE

Congratulations to existing subscribers!

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