Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

The Autonomous Trading Academy prepares common investors to make decisions that can positively impact their lives. Taking real case assignments is a great way to move in that direction.

Autonomous Trading prepares investors to make the most difficult decisions. After all, we are the only ones showing how to make $1 billion investing in AMC and Virgin Galactic.

Alex Vieira Buys Virgin Galactic Ticket to the Moon Investing in Space Travel. Tik Tok!
Learn why small investors and billionaires all over the world bought Virgin Galactic shares after betting on its crash by following the legend Alex Vieira AI stock analysis for space travel.

Making Hard Decisions

A company has invited me to invest a considerable sum of money. Unfortunately, since Alex will be 60 years old within a few days, he gets confused despite the fact he called Virgin Galactic and AMC historical unstoppable rally.

Alex is going to need your help, so he decided to create this assignment. So, log in to the academy, to my course, to get an overview of this assignment and the company invitation.

What's an assignment?

1. a piece of work given to someone, typically as part of their studies or job.

However, this is not a typical assignment you are used to.

Moreover, an assignment is not a quiz. I am considering investing $100 million, for God's sake!

We're talking about the real stuff here.

Who's this investment assignment for?

The investment assignment is for those students currently enrolled in my course. The minimum required grade to pass is 75%. A word of caution - take it seriously! Everyone knows I hate losing money. Actually, I don't remember the last time that happened.

I am confident since I have you on my side. Yes, after too much disappointment, I still trust people. After all, you proved your will to stand from the crowd by attending the course.

How are we going to grade the assignment?

Originality. Concise. Straight to the point.

Assignment deadline!

Hurry up! There is a deadline! The company is asking for the money! They emailed me twice. I need your help now! I am not pressuring you - this is something that will happen to you daily.

No pain. No gain. I am just preparing you for a bright future.

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