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This article explains what investors should do after stocks crashed including analysis of the mid to long-term in the U.S stock market.  Please read carefully since we were the only company in the world forecasting the stock market crash.

Stock Market Outlook

I created a program Talk to Alex to help investors to get access to non-BOT and AI BOT plans for free. This objective has been accomplished as explained in the program which includes my own ingenious plan.

So, if your question is

  • Which stocks should I buy
  • Which stocks should I sell on strength / short
  • Which stocks to remain short despite markets rallies
  • Which stocks to buy on weakness
  • Which stocks did we recently bought.
  • Which stocks do I maintain short positions.
  • How to handle and profit from the very high volatility in stocks.

You find all answers in the service including AI Forecasts recorded as video-on-demand including instructions.

Furthermore, in plans such as AI BOT 5+ and Autonomous Vision AI Fund we carry out live commentary and coaching in the new platform including real-time guidance. This is mainly the case in the Autonomous Vision AI Fund pla which substituted the former AI BOT3.

Let's give an example. You subscribed to Talk to Alex looking for AI BOT 5+. Users who paid for the plan already get access to ALL the information even before the new platform is released!

This is what it is strongly recommended - most of you already paid for AI BOT 5+ access to the new platform before the service started using my ingenious plan. Therefore, by using these profits to pay for the program in full you get immediate access to everything. This is what most users chose.

Likewise, the same applies to other plans be it the brand new BOT 1, BOT 0 and so on.

Therefore as an example for AI BOT 5+ (fully available NOW) you have access to:

  • ROKU mid-to long term analysis including ahead of earnings
  • Facebook mid-to long-term analysis including this and next quarter
  • INVESCO ETF PowerShares QQQ analysis for rest 2018 going into 2019 (SPECIAL ITEM)
  • Amazon stock analysis
  • AI portfolio for AI BOT 5+
  • Tesla most recent stock analysis including pivots.
  • AMD stock analysis.
  • Nvidia stock analysis.
  • China stock market analysis.
  • And lots more which I cannot disclose here.

Having said this, we made a final choice for the new platform for all non-BOT and AI Bot plans. It includes a new level of collaboration never seen before, group messaging, call and video group, audio trading, integrated AI forecasts, etc.

You can try the new platform in the service Talk to Alex, but I repeat that the most important here is the fact that you already have access to everything (if you paid in full) - except access to the new platform.

I also remind that we recently released a new Help Center.

If you remain greedy you are going to miss it all. Those living in fear it is preferable to continue working as a slave for someone's else.

Talk to Alex today!
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