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Autonomous AI Trading accurately predicted 95% of Wall Street buyout and mergers in the past 5 years. Alex Vieira viral stock predictions give more than $1 billion to investors in 2019. Learn the true story behind Cisco Acacia Communications buyout.

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Intuitive Code offers to market participants highly accurate financial markets research and analysis for stocks, ETF’s, cryptocurrencies, Forex and commodities.

Licenses include access to the output of the most powerful and accurate algorithms to date including

  • up to 100% accurate trade signals;
  • AI scanning;
  • AI ratings;
  • AI risk analysis;
  • Educational content.

According to verified reviews it does not require any experience trading in the markets.

AI trade signals are available in

  • Direct AI bot trade alerts in the app;
  • Investment lessons;
  • AI Forecasts;
  • Alex’s video;
  • Team members real-time comments in the app;
  • Real-time charts.

Acacia Communications Cisco Buyout

  • Alex had never recommended buying Acacia Communications before. He nailed the bottom.
  • He made it a top new investment idea for 2019
  • He compared buying ACIA at $30 to RH at $25 which soared to $160 in just two years!
  • Intuitive AI Code board approved the inclusion of Alex’s new investment idea ACIA in memberships.
  • Acacia Communications was acquired by Cisco for $2.6 billion giving investors multi-million dollar profits
  • Intuitive AI Code upside on Acacia long-term was $89 similar to Mobileye (MBLY) which was acquired by Intel. Alex upgraded Mobileye to Strong Buy at $35 ahead of Intel buyout including his investment idea in the first edition of the course AI Technical Analysis.
  • Alex Vieira Viral Stock Predictions Give More $1 Billion to Investors in 2019
All my friends bought shares of ACACIA. My friends never paid me one cent. You can learn more in the free course on how to invest in the markets. Alex
Alex Vieira invests in Acacia Communications Ahead of Cisco Buyout

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