Autonomous AI Trading Downgrades Target to Junk Ahead of Market Crash

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Intuitive Code downgraded shares of Target (TGT) to Junk at $88 along with more than 50 companies in the U.S stock market forecasting a crash. It is recommended to acquire the largest short positions since March 2009 since the bull market is over.

Bull Market is Over!

The only people losing money in the stock market are those following the investment advise of scammers. On the contrary, honest and credible investors with a proven track record dumped their investment positions at new all-time highs informing investors about a pending bear market and crash.

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Autonomous Trading Sells INVESCO QQQ Stake $186.4 by IntuitiveCode on

Target is a stock bubble

Bag Holders Forced to Sell Bubble Stocks!

The bubble reached such outrageous dimensions that any investor can get rich overnight selling short stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Former bulls are now dumping on the crowd as the stock bubble pops! The retail investor was left holding the bag as properly explained by the greatest minds of all-time in real-time.