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Qualcomm has just lost billions of dollars in market cap following a downgrade to Strong Sell at a price of $90 made available to Qualcomm (QCOM) investors ahead of the crash down to $67. Learn how to profit from the stock market using artificial intelligence.

AI BOT Downgrades Qualcomm to Strong Sell $90

Qualcomm (QCOM) a former Strong Buy investment position at Autonomous AI Trading has been downgraded to Strong Sell at a price of $90 predicting a crash which is today on the news worldwide.

Qualcomm crashes on downgrade to Strong Sell $90

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Yesterday during live meetings before small and professional investors I addressed once again the dramatic importance of not buying Qualcomm explaining the reasons ahead of the collapse. Congratulations to everyone! Alex

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AI Traders Report Millions of Dollars in Profits

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