Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

I invest in the best financial companies when the short-sighted crowd following the media news turns ultra bearish because they don't comprehend what long-term investment is, unable to distinguish between value and speculation.

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Last year when I saw Goldman Sachs's share price going down to $140, I already had a Strong Buy rating on shares since $188 from the year before. I urged people to buy Goldman Sachs shares, but Americans did not want to. Those few who bought shares started complaining about the fact that Goldman Sachs kept going down.

Legend Who Called Market Crash Says to Buy Apple and ETF QQQ to Make Billions
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I repeated the same story continuously during numerous Livestream trading and coaching sessions - we are bullish on Goldman Sachs; if you wish to sell the stock, go ahead. I am not concerned with bottoms or tops.

We are bullish Goldman Sachs, if you wish to sell the stock go ahead. I am not concerned with bottoms or tops. Alex Vieira

Today, I see Goldman Sachs trading at $350.  The stupid crowd lost everything while those who followed the instructions have been rewarded handsomely. However, the story does not terminate here. On the day I informed people my target on Zoom Video was hit $588, over 90% of the American crowd refused to sell shares going with Cathie Wood's Zoom Video bull case.

Now, watch me dumping ETF ARK Invest (ARKK) at $158, the very top, seeing the bullish crowd sinking in agony later on.

Live Trading Ark ETF. Tesla. Roku. Zillow. Stratasys. Cathie Wood Lost Billions on Autonomous Call
Autonomous Trading creates history in the markets. Get 100% accurate ETF live trading signals worth billions of dollars in profits. Learn what’s behind ETF Ark crash, Stratasys crash. Zillow and ROKU share price moves.
Alex Vieira Live on ETF ARK Invest Cathie Wood
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