Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

The true story behind the best stocks to buy and to sell short in 2019. Learn how a monkey outperforms the Oracle of Wall Street who has accumulated losses of 24 billion dollars gambling in Apple and Goldman Sachs while Wall Street deceived Pacific Gas Electric investors ahead of the collapse.

Before proceeding refer to the article Study Comparing Warren Buffett to a Monkey Investing in the Markets Shows Similar Results

Best Stock to Invest in 2019

The crook who people call an Oracle has never invested in Netflix (NFLX), the world's best stock performer in the past decade.

Netflix the best tech stock in 2019

Likewise the crook has never invested in Twilio (TWLO) the next Netflix. He does not even know what Twilio does.

Twilio the Next Netflix 500% profit for investors

Oracle & Wall Street Upgrade Bankrupt Pacific Gas Electric Ahead of Collapse.

The Oracle and some Wall Street firms share a common interest - investing in corruption.

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