Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

A careful analysis based on AI parameters going back to the past three decades demonstrates that ROKU is a multi-million profit selling short opportunity at current prices.

Therefore, ROKU turned into a major priority for investment firms worldwide havign access to our AI date in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence Perelman analysis forecast


  • AI changed ROKU rating from Strong Buy given at a price of $19 to Junk at a price of $58
  • It is estimated that ROKU share price it is not worth more than $33

Roku investing strategy aiming at $23 million dollars net profit

By running risk analysis on the artificial intelligent platform it is demonstrated the risk of maintaining an investment position in ROKU is extremely high, therefore the only alternative to profit from an investment in ROKU is to close the investment position reversing to the short side. Furthermore, AI sees the continuation strength in ROKU share price as a short squeeze instead of actual buying interest. This fact, undoubtledly will have major consequences on ROKU share price once small investors cease chasing a top.

One of the greatest common mistakes typical of small investors is the lack of an investment methodology and plan for the long-term. Too many focus their attention in the short-term action, where the real value is mid-term. Hence, it is preferable to neglect the momemtum to capitalise later on once ROKU share price crashes.


Planning for ROKU share price to crash

Intuitive Code AI is going to use EVIDENT algorithm which constitutes a guarantee of great success to this investing plan.

  Let us know whether you're interested in participating in this complimentary AI investing plan profiting from the coming crash on ROKU share price!  
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