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Apple market cap lost $300 billion dollars since the legendary investor announced a lawsuit selling his stake on the company at $552. Learn about Intuitive Code, A.I Vision, the autonomous Perelman A.I algorithm and why no one can beat A.I.

A.I is the biggest revolution in stock market history and in our lives and you are invited to learn, participate, and profit from by using our algorithms and following the insight, experience, and knowledge of an extraordinary team of successful investors and a visionary.

The legendary Apple investor who urged hundreds of thousands of investors to buy shares of Apple and the ETF QQQ nailing the bottom in the markets has turned his mind after learning "certain things" about Apple.

Alex Vieira Increases Apple and Invesco ETF QQQ Stake Ten Fold
In the past weeks, Alex Vieira urged investors to increase significantly their stakes in Apple and INVESCO ETF QQQ aiming at billions of dollars in profits following his free market outlook shared with thousands of investors.
Alex Vieira increases Apple and ETF stakes 
I know how to control the universe. So, tell me why should I run for a million? ― Grigori Perelman, Fields Medal Refused

Autonomous by Alex Vieira is the first integrated platform that connects highly accurate market analysis (A.I portfolio, A.I ratings, A.I analysis) from Perelman's algorithm with live trading, live stream, coaching, A.I bots, and live support from a legendary team of professional investors, giving traders the ultimate competitive advantage in the markets. Trade stocks, Forex, and ETF's from your platform. Drastically leverage your performance by experiencing up to 100% accurate trade signals. Apps and A.I bots available. Distributed by Intuitive Code.

The full version of Alex's call is Absolutely Fabulous. I made so much money that I cried of happiness in my wife’s arms. ― Carlos
If you want to bring the best, you first need to learn about you, to destroy, to imagine, to re-build relying on philosophy, mathematics and physics, and then, to act, measure, change, executing the cycle without mercy. - Alex Vieira.
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... it takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. ― Albert Einstein.
Alex Vieira Live Selling Apple at $552
We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams. ― Albert Einstein

Perelman A.I algorithm offers the ultimate level of accuracy, confidence, and return on investment no human being can match demonstrating it live on the tape under the most distressing market conditions, regardless of financial asset, and market sector.

Our algorithm was designed having in mind autonomous imaginative concept permanently acting, measuring, and executing towards maximum return on investment regardless of common beliefs.

The ETF QQQ has crashed down to $167 while Apple plunged to $108.

Alex Vieira Sells Apple turning bearish at $552

You're invited to learn about its potential by watching over 65,000 cases studies discussing stocks, Forex, ETF's, oil, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

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