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I spent the last month in a hospital. During this period my team and many of my clients made an exceptional job. For example, they had the bright idea of creating teams helping each other fact that increased the number of reviews. Nikolay and Elena who never appear online organised several Hopin events to discuss the earnings season. I even did not know this sort of events existed until last week.

During this rather difficult time for myself being a moribund, I invested my time sending my videos to my own clients for free. They did not pay anything. To be clear my clients are not company clients.

Now, we get to the point of this article. Yesterday after-hours,  I had a nice surprise from a regular visitor to my blog. This American calls me about his story on how he smashed LYFT, Roku, Uber, and Pinterest making over $9 million far more than myself who had nurses and diet for entertainment.

Where his confidence came from?

According to him from my calls and warning on Goldman Sachs defrauding investors on Bluebird and Abiomed available on the Blog.

Autonomous Trading Alex Vieira Sells Abiomed Shares $440 Warning Investors
Autonomous Trading CEO sold his stake in Abiomed (ABMD) at a price of $440 along with Netflix at $420. Both stocks have been major components of his bull portfolio in the U.S stock market.
Alex sells Abiomed warning investors about crash
AI Urges Sell bluebird bio $217. Goldman Sachs is deceiving investors.
We’re selling shares of bluebird bio downgrading to sell at $217 while Goldman Sachs is upgrading to $300. bluebird bio is likely to report an astonishing earnings miss next quarter. Short sellers are looking at a multi-million profit going into 2018.
Alex sells BlueBird warning about Goldman Sachs defrauding investors

This confidence led the person to continue using actively my free charts and team articles.

Alex Vieira Sells Pinterest $37 on American Social Media Trump Euphoria
Alex Vieira sold his position on Pinterest as Americans came back to the stock market buying at $37 after he had upgraded Pinterest to Strong Buy at 24.7

At this point I shall say he voted for Trump profoundly agreeing with my opinion on several matters when I refer to the stupidity of the American crowd.

Live Trading Chart Worth $1 Billion Profit

These real-time charts got famous. I initiated coverage of LYFT with JUNK rating $88

IPO AI Expert LYFT Valuation to Send COCA COLA Shares to $300
What’s the relationship between COKE and LYFT? you might think there isn’t any, but you are not a billionaire. Your opinion in the markets is worthless, therefore start making $1 million daily investing with a market legend.
LYFT valuation is a SCAM!
Autonomous Trading Downgrades UBER $46 Slashing Price Target
UBER investors were informed to take profits at $46 ahead of the company reporting billions in losses. Autonomous Trading slashed UBER price target recommending to invest in ROKU instead.
UBER to crash on Wall Street fraud
Alex Vieira Live Trading Sells ROKU $176 Making $1 Billion
Alex Vieira urged investors on live trading selling ROKU after doubling its price target to $170. He upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy on IPO at $19. During the bull market he urged investors to acquire massive positions to maximize their return on investment
Selling ROKU like on absurd stupid valuation

Further, I learned the American is now a subscriber to the Blog. Full disclosure, in two years he spent $5,400 as an early adopter. He got a custom account in the new Intuitive Code app.

Alex Vieira Demonstrates Impossible Does Not Exist. He Predicted Shopify Bigger than Tesla Selling $408
The market legend who predicted that Shopify would be bigger than Tesla sold his stake at $408. He initiated coverage of Shopify with a Strong Buy rating at $19 having a price target of $389 since 2016.
Selling Shopify live $408 Strong Buy since IPO

I leave you with a few long-term free suggestions

Short 20 Million Shares Live Chesapeake Energy

Be Aware of Fake Reviews!

A common SCAM used by American companies is to make up fake reviews from trial periods where users don’t have to buy anything. The scammer creates multiple accounts. Be aware! Scammers cannot produce interviews with actual clients. They don't have any track record. They come and go. Scammers don't have case studies.

Certified Reviews

Actual active long-term buyers who made actual accumulated purchases in excess of $70,000. We also make available live interviews. We have been around since 1989. We show it live on the tape. We have more than 65,000 case studies.

I've not seen any review yet explaining how does it work so I am going to try. Alex sent me a link to a video ahead of Tesla earnings. An algorithm gives a rank to a user. This video called VOD is 100% free. I bought Tesla shares at $228. A crazy month later Tesla soared to $340 and I got out $330. I paid to Alex the video corresponding to a tiny percentage of my profits. Then, I receive more videos. I shorted ROKU, UBER, PINS ahead of earnings. In the end, I paid less than 1% of my profits to them. The cycle repeats. Honestly, I don't think it is fair.
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