We create apps and artificially intelligent algorithms since 1989

I created the 3-day momentum rule more than two decades ago. I have used it thousands of times since then becoming a billionaire. This proprietary technology based on algorithm trading is included in my course on Live Technical Analysis illustrating its tremendous value in real-time demonstrating 100% accuracy investing in the financial markets unlike everyone else - truth can be seen live on the tape!

How to start?


  1. Subscribe to a service including an AI BOT - see an example here
  2. Preferably your service should include the LTA (live technical analysis) instance as well as AI stream (live streaming trading)
  3. You can start by the basic BOT10 which entitles access to the LTA instance.

Does Live Technical Analysis include AI Trade Alerts?

Of course, not only it includes AI trade alerts due to the fact that several investing lessons are recorded live as well as it includes access to an entire portfolio. Nonetheless, there are major differences between AI plans and a "basic" one as BOT10.

Free Proprietary Intellectual Property

Based on a proven public track record the 3-day momentum rule is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and it is included for free in the course. Furthermore,

  • it is discussed in real-time
  • high-value investing
  • massive position sizing in all cases
  • 100% accurate and "risk free" investing
  • definition of stock pivots in real-time using proprietary technology
  • repeatable profits
  • no need to know anything about investing or trading
  • step-by-step investment process available
  • risk analysis module included in the LTA instance.
  • it can be used on the long and short side - double your profits!
  • and much more!

Consistent Profits! Best Reviews in the investment world

More than ten thousand case studies in the financial markets. Refer to an example

Investors in Twitter and Facebook Get Highest Profits in Three Years!

There is a lot of noise out there. I don't want to follow the trend - I want to create the trend, Iman

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