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Eager to own a Tesla? Why spend your hard earned money buying one when you can get hundreds for free investing in Tesla with a market legend? Furthermore, Alex invested in what could be the next Tesla. Learn how to manage your finances for free using Tesla A.I

Before starting it is strongly recommended to read our unbiased analysis as well as all articles made available to Tesla investors since Autonomous changed its rating on Tesla to Strong Buy.

Why Did We Beat Tesla Sales Record According to Tesla Employee
Find here what no one else is telling you about Tesla that really matters to you and your future regardless of whether you are an investor, driver or both. Intuitive Code unbiased research and analysis are based on actual accurate data.
Beating all records

Now that Tesla share price rallied to $433 within just five months annihilating Tesla bears and Wall Street analysts, savvy investors might wonder how to use these humungous profits. Here's a list helping one to manage their finances

Ludicrous profits investing in Tesla
  1. Buy TWO Tesla using a minor percentage of your humungous profits. One for you, other for your wife.
  2. All company vehicles are now Tesla, a free fleet soon fully autonomous!
  3. Continue following our instructions on how to invest in Tesla long-term. You may refer to the recent Tesla outlook 2020
  4. Use a percentage of profits to invest in what could be the next Tesla. More about this in this article.
  5. Pay your kids colleges and every single mandatory expense in advance leaving less surprises for 2020.
  6. Put $2 million in the safe just for fun. Avoid using suspicious banks.

Having said this, Alex's has had plenty of ideas which have helped investors to extend profits.

Alex Vieira Releases New Bull Market Pick and Investment Idea 2020 - Autonomous AI Trading
The market is red hot, everyone is buying at any price, but savvy investors have to focus on quality going forward, stocks which have not rallied yet. Alex Vieira jumped into this marvelous company. Are you the next one? The decision is yours! Cramer dislikes this company, it’s a good sign! In the …
Alex's special idea

These investment ideas were announced on the Blog for those interested in. Did you miss them?

How to get access to these very special investment ideas? Alex is not willing to offer these ideas to everyone.  Since his retirement he will be helping a small number of users only.

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