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Alex Vieira warned investors on Zoom Video that CNBC is back on the bull camp urging investors to buy stocks on its show for American retards Fast Money forecasting magical rallies ahead.

Everyone remembers what did happen once Fast Money turned bullish Abercrombie (ANF) and Avis (CAR). A few months later both stocks melted.

The legendary investor who called a market crash issued a new warning. The deficit reached exuberant values, topping $150 trillion, including derivatives. Plus, Donald Trump continued manipulation of the stock market is a bad sign.

People are relying on the FED and market manipulation to make a profit but things can turn around anytime. The best is to sell to FAST MONEY going on holidays.
Better Sell to Fast Money!
The more you buy, the more it will crash. Greed can give place to Fear anytime, that's how casino market works.
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Buying Zoom Video After the Crash
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