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Herein, find examples of how Alex Vieira skills helped Intuitive AI Code surpassing Amazon high customer retention numbers in a far more complex industry compared to e-commerce. The truth behind the astonishing return on investment investing in Amazon, Beyond Meat, Cryptocurrencies, and Tesla.

One company who has broken the code to customer retention is Amazon. Amazon’s customer retention is through the roof year over year. Amazon Prime memberships have a 94% retention rate after the first year and 98% of those users stay on for a third year. Not only that, but Amazon’s loyal prime members go on to spend more than twice as much as the average casual buyer. Not only has Amazon locked in return customers for twice as long, but they’re spending twice as much. It’s an eCommerce dream.

While Amazon numbers might look impressive, they do not constitute a surprise to Alex or his followers. The investor turned bullish Amazon more than one decade ago reiterating Strong Buy throughout the years until selling his stake at $2,046 in 2018

Today, Intuitive AI Code has metrics no one else has, the highest return on investment, and the highest percentage of members.

Let's focus on some examples which have greatly contributed to surpass Amazon high customer retention numbers but in the SAAS industry.

Learn how to invest with a Visionary

  1. RIOT Blockchain
  2. Beyond Meat (BYND)
  3. Tesla (TSLA)


In 2017, Alex Vieira wrote an article on the Blog sharing with the world his long-term vision on RIOT Blockchain (RIOT) as its share price soared to new all-time highs above $45. He predicted that RIOT would crash down to single digits.

By December 2018, one year later, on Alex's uncanny vision anniversary, RIOT share price melted t0 $1.4.  

Since then, he envisioned RIOT to rally near 500% to $6 in 2019. The materialization of this event turned him bearish the name again. In the past weeks RIOT crashed down to $1.8

Beyond Meat

Alex Vieira named Beyond Meat the Best IPO of 2019 initiating coverage with a Strong Buy rating and $203 price target. Beyond Meat investors were awarded 1,000% profit.


I could write a book on how to invest in Tesla talking about Alex and Elena uncanny calls, but you have a lot to read on Tesla here.

Alex Vieira upgrades Tesla at $179 after predicting crash from $380. Tesla share price rallied to $260 since then.

Investors can get Alex's vision, new investment ideas, lessons, AI notifications and much more in the gold and platinum membership.  

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