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Today, I am dumping one million shares of Micron as retail investors return to the stock buying on the frenzy. I strongly suggest that you invest in Micron according to the free real-time guidance making $21 million dollars weekly. Herein, find a complete guide to avoid being scammed on the web.

Perelman's Fields Medal AI Trading algorithm.

Dump Micron at new all-time highs ahead of earnings as reported here, buying back when everyone else is downgrading as reported in the service and on the video below.

It has been working for decades - Wall Street analysts never got Micron right since IPO. Vieira



Selling One Million Shares Live on the Tape.

After dumping Tesla and Apple, I am now dumping one million shares of Micron on retail investors as they come back buying on the frenzy ahead of earnings.


The complete guide to NAIL a scammer on the web.

Learn how to identify scammers on social media, TV, the press by following very simple rules.

The scammer

  • is likely an active subscriber to Yahoo message boards, author, MotleyFool and so on;
  • he does not have any position on the stock; his actions are meaningless. The scammer might report 10 to 200 shares just to say he is an active investor;
  • the scammer can be an individual, a company, or even a conglomerate.
  • he will sware before God and you that the future is bright as never before ahead of the collapse
  • a scammer does not have a public track record investing in the markets for at least 20 years in stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc
  • he often uses fake reviews posting after the fact
  • he does not make any calls live on the tape. He loves to show up on TV exhibiting fake reports before you go bankrupt.
  • he might be receiving bribes from other individuals, or companies since he cannot make any money investing in the markets
  • often the scammer is well-spoken avoiding to be direct. He has to sound nice and polite to gather suckers and idiots ready to fall into the trap;
  • he is buying social media followers, making a profit on Ads, and paying to appear on TV, web traffic and magazines.
  • he might be selling services of very low price offering very high returns to gather your attention. The EU is aware of these practices creating rules to proctet consummers from predatory selling tactics.
  • he can also use free services or even trials, without any value, with the objective of selling your data to third-parties, this practice is widely popular in the United States.
  • in Wall Street the scammer is often a third tier entity without any proven track record willing to accept a bribe from larger companies with vested interests in some sort of event.
  • the scammer often repeats the same promise over the years, but he cannot ever deliver. He can use metrics easily manipulated, as an example pre-orders without actual sales numbers, etc
  • he is often looking for the next accounting, or tax loophole to take advantage of it;

On the contrary a serious professional investor consistently delivers up to 100% proven accuracy live on the tape for free, ahead of earnings, after earnings, any day of the week, month and year.

The professional serious investor is always there when it is necessary doing his job telling the truth regardless of your opinion, informing what shall be done to avoid losing money, while the rest has been nailed by scammers on social media laughing at you.

It's very easy to spot a scammer. More than 97% of social media posts and stuff on the web related to investment advise is a SCAM. A scammer cannot ever tell you the truth by doing this!



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