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Herein, we discuss the best stocks to sell short and to buy in the universe of stock exchanges worldwide. The profits are truly absurd. Pull the trigger! Take it to the Ultimate Level with the legendary investor Alex Vieira

Energous (WATT) seen as an American SCAM was downgraded to Junk at $31.5, whilst ROKU (ROKU) was seen as the most undervalued stock on the exchange.

I started selling short WATT SCAM at $26 all the way up to $32 while the American population was buying en masse. I learned with Einstein the most stupid people in the world are unable to make money. Einstein is a Genius. You should listen to him. Alex

Autonomous AI Trading upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy at $19. Recently, Intuitive AI Code urged investors to buy an additional 2 million shares, while Alex Vieira was also loading up the most since IPO!

Alex Vieira top investment pick

ROKU share price rallied an additional 70% in the past thirty days closing the session near $170. On the contrary, Energous (WATT) SCAM closed the session below $3.5.

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