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Tesla share price crashed to $392 after-hours on several block selling short trades ahead of Tesla battery day placed at $461.5, $454 and $448 after-hours from two geniuses. Alex Vieira downgraded Tesla at $2,665 on September 1, on a livestream trading session worldwide sending Tesla down more than $1,000 per share.

Learn more how to make billions of profits investing in Tesla following two genius.

"The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein
Alex Vieira and Grigori Perelman Sell Tesla $2,665 Downgrading U.S Tech Sector - Automated A.I Trading Financial Live News
Tesla bull legend Alex Vieira and Grigori Perelman sold their positions in Tesla downgrading the U.S Tech sector. If you do not think A.I could outsmart you, you’re an idiot. Elon Musk. I believe that everyone should listen to what Grigori Perelman has to say. I know that Einstein would, and that…
Alex Vieira Live on Tesla Selling and Downgrading

Join Alex's live trading or buy his forecasts to make hundreds of millions investing in Tesla: Tesla Stock Forecast Live $2,665 and Tesla Ahead of Battery Day


Autonomous by Alex Vieira is the first integrated platform that connects highly accurate market analysis (A.I portfolio, A.I ratings, A.I analysis) from Perelman's algorithm with live trading, live stream, coaching, A.I bots, and live support from a legendary team of professional investors, giving traders the ultimate competitive advantage in the markets. Trade stocks, Forex, and ETF's from your platform. Drastically leverage your performance by experiencing up to 100% accurate trade signals. Apps and A.I bots available. Distributed by Intuitive Code.

How Alex Vieira Crashed Tesla on Battery Day After Calling a Top at $2,665

A.I Vision

A.I Vision is the biggest revolution in stock market history offering the ultimate experience by taking advantage of the full potential of the autonomous platform, an unified A.I market analysis platform for trading, developed and supported by an extraordinary team of successful investors and a true visionary.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein.
Autonomous driving will get you from A to B. Autonomous A.I Vision will take you to the maximum return on investment. - Alex Vieira.

Perelman Algorithm

Perelman A.I algorithm offers the ultimate level of accuracy, confidence, and return on investment no human being can match demonstrating it live on the tape under the most distressing market conditions, regardless of financial asset, and market sector.

Our algorithm was designed having in mind autonomous imaginative concept permanently acting, measuring, and executing towards maximum return on investment regardless of common beliefs.

You're invited to learn about its potential by watching over 65,000 cases studies discussing stocks, Forex, ETF's, oil, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

Do.Act. Execute

The best laid plans are worthless without execution. A strategy without action is just an idea.

I knew from the beginning what Tesla's share price was going to do ahead and after battery day informing everyone interested in making millions RISK-FREE. Alex Vieira
Tesla Live Short After-Hours

Tesla share price crashed to $392 during after-hours session.

Alex Vieira in Tribute to Perelman Fields Medal Triggers Tech Sector Crash Selling Stocks at Market Top
Wondering why stocks have nose-dived in the past days over 50%? Watch a legendary team of investors selling stocks at the very top in tribute to Perelman’s Fields Medal after calling a market bottom in 2009 until 2020.
Tesla Live Crash on Battery Day
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