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Are you wondering why AMC is soaring while GameStop share price is plunging? There's a mathematical explanation for everything happening in the markets. Alex Vieira calls the moves live on the tape.

If you wish to comprehend why GameStop (GME) share price plunged you might be interested in replaying Alex's live stream trading on GameStop

Genius Who Called GameStop Crash and Bottom Today’s Billion Dollar Profit Livestream
Interested in making $50 million dollars daily? Alex Vieira has the funds, the algorithm, he does it with 100% accuracy live on the tape. Press the button and you are instantaneously utterly rich whether you wish to buy or sell short he tells you everything.
Alex Vieira Live on GME

If you wish to comprehend why AMC share price is rallying you might be interested in doing the same, but buying the title for AMC. He leaves guidance where to find the information you are looking for

I was used to go live on Spotify, but moved into AMC theatres. It's open air, and a walk in the park. My dog 🐶  loves it. Alex Vieira
Alex Vieira

He also left a recommendation for savvy investors: Cover Your Shorts Today! You don't need them anymore swimming in profits.

Alex Vieira Live Trading Signal Cover Your Short Positions Today Fuels Stock Rally!
Alex Vieira urged investors closing entirely their short positions explaining his reasons. Meanwhile, stocks have been soaring on the news. Learn about new opportunities for investors.
Cover Your Short Positions Today

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