Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Today is a great day to announce my course release since we're celebrating the crypto crash I had the pleasure of forecasting while selling major cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, at the very top.

Hi, Alex with Autonomous Trading. I have great news. I finally terminated the most challenging part of the course. I'm very proud of it. My work is now available to everyone, I'm going to start sending invitations, and I'm going to show you here a bit of the course how I decided to structure it. It is available on a leading e-learning platform. You are going to receive an e-mail to log in. You enroll, get started on the web or the mobile version.

I offer an overview here. You have an introductory video at any given time; you can click on Start Course. I decided to divide it into different modules. Each one, as you are going to see, contains lessons, quizzes, interactive elements. I didn't use scripts. I explain why I do not use them in the course.

I explain a lot about my life in the course, although that was not the initial idea. Also, I explain why I decided to create this course. Moreover, I explain why you often see me on the web trying to help others, to do certain things in the markets instead of losing money. You are going to see that the course is by far more than you expected. If I wanted to create a course to respond to the low price people paid for, I would have made five different videos and would publish them - this has never been my intent.

I am bringing very professional work. I dedicated much time to plan it. The reason for taking so long is related to the time that it took to develop it in my mind, without writing down a single word.  You are going to find PDFs, audio, video, interactive elements, and quizzes.

You can download the assets. In the end, you get a certificate. I'm not sure whether they will enable chat, but this feature is available in the e-learning platform and notifications. I have videos commenting on these assets, while a lesson includes audio.

I decided to use a professional e-learning platform instead of releasing the course in the app. The app is not for classes - another reason it took longer to create it despite higher costs.

I have not terminated the course yet. I explain the reasons. Ultimately, it shall be the product of collaboration between the author and learners. I will wait for some feedback before proceeding because I can make adjustments responding to some of your questions.

Remind the objective of the course is clearly defined, and it is not just about the best companies to invest in— the list of the best companies in the topic for one module. In the introductory module, you learn about who Alex is.

Brainstorming is the most important module. I divided it into different screens,  introductory notes, reborn or Die, the ingredients, problem to solution, experience, the path to success, etc.

Hopefully, you find an excellent use for it. I know that it will be the case, and I believe that the course will change your perspective about investing regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional.

I aim to use it as a tool, a resource helping you evolve creating your foundation.

This course is about the framework, the foundation where I explain the different layers and their relevance.

Today is a great day to announce its release since we're celebrating the crypto crash I had the pleasure of forecasting while selling cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, at the very top.

This course will also help you with this matter, and others like knowing how do I make these calls.

I'm not sure if this is the most important course, but certainly very different from previous ones, and of a higher level than my courses on real-time technical analysis that I published throughout the years.

Many people liked those courses seeing actual lifetime value preparing them to succeed; today, they make things they could not before attending the course; nevertheless, real-time analysis is a satellite course compared to this one.

I am happy to talk about Livestream on the e-learning platform, an invaluable feature not available in 2020. The e-learning platform evolved a lot allowing me to do great things for you from now on.

I will continue thinking about new content, but I am going to stop waiting for your feedback for the time being.

Do you know that I became close to bankruptcy, started with minimal capital while I had to put food on the table by making money in the markets since I had no job? Yes, you have no idea!

Get started to know more!

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