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Alex Vieira described Slack IPO fate within 1-minute on its debut trading on the exchange! It's Einstein Theory of Relativity living proof materialized by AI Perelman trading algorithms demonstrating flawless execution.

Listen to Alex raw video on Slack IPO debut

AI Perelman Trading Live on Slack IPO 

Slack share price crashed losing billions in market cap, while ROKU soared to $176

Slack IPO crash live
Alex Vieira Buys More ROKU Shares on Double Price Target Forecast
ROKU has a tremendous upside compared to most stocks in the U.S stock market, therefore I bought more as people started taking profits ahead of earnings sending its share price down to $97

Autonomous AI Trading has been preparing for version 8. By making a subtle change moving just 5% of the total users on Alex Live Trading to the website Google rank position increased by 1 million.

If tomorrow we wish to have the site placed in the top 50,000 worldwide we just have to push a button moving all users to the site which we are not going to do since we will continue using the app. As I've been saying for years, we have more than 20,000 users, with some clients contributing with more than 500 licenses. Alex
Autonomous Trading explodes with just 5% of users live

Autonomous Trading will divert web traffic in the coming weeks slowing down web traffic while increasing pricing as strategy of the company.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals soars 400%
Intuitive Code Buys Acadia Pharmaceuticals Rating Strong Buy
Acadia Pharmaceuticals is the best stock to buy now after Alex closed his short position at multi year lows upgrading to Strong Buy. The worst is over! Learn how to turn any idiot into a multi-millionaire using AI today!

Mallinckrodt (MNK) melted 98% as the legend spoke naming investors terrorists

Market Legend Calls Mallinckrodt Investors Terrorists
It’s one of the best days of my life. I named Mallinckrodt the best British scam in the biotech sector forecasting a meltdown since $85 while everyone else in Wall Street was raising price targets to $130. The same happened to Valeant downgraded to Junk
Perelman said I Can Control the Universe. Einstein said the Future is Determined. Both are Genius. You're Irrelevant. Alex
AI Trading Perelman I Control the Universe Making the Impossible Happen!
Learn how to make the impossible happen! Citron Research is under surveillance. You’re under surveillance. AI has everyone under surveillance. No one can beat AI Perelman Algorithms.
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