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Serious investors should disregard fraudulent news spread all over the web to lure investors jumping into overvalued fraud.

Last week Beyond Meat share price soared to $166 on the news that McDonalds is adopting Beyond Meat (BYND) veggie burgers

The only crooks believing in fake news are stupid Americans. Alex

Alex Vieira downgraded Beyond Meat (BYND) to JUNK rating $238, while he urged investors to buy shares on IPO at $46

Autonomous Trading Downgrades Beyond Meat to Strong Sell $238
The Beyond Meat investor who upgraded shares to Strong Buy on IPO at $46 turned bearish downgrading to Strong Sell for the first time urging investors to acquire short positions now that everyone turned bullish the name.

Selling short Beyond Meat is giving investors millions of dollars! The bubble plunged to $147 on the real news!

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