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Market genius, Alex Vieira, had just made another epic call on Virgin Galactic, helping investors selling the stock at $60 going short before shares were sent from outer space back to earth. Learn how savvy investors are doubling their profits weekly by investing in SPCE, AMC, and GME.

Disclosure: I sold my stake in AMC, SPCE, and GME, making the news worldwide.

Alex Vieira Sells MEME Stocks GameStop and AMC Leaving for Best Holidays Ever Calling Virgin Galactic Historical Squeeze
The legendary investor Alex Vieira sold his positions on MEME stocks AMC and GameStop using autonomous trading AI BOT, sharing his calls on free Livestream trading while calling a historical squeeze on Virgin Galactic share price.
Alex Vieira Sells MEME stocks AMC and GameStop

Richard Branson became the first person to ride into space aboard a rocket he helped fund. The supersonic space plane developed by his company, Virgin Galactic, roared into the sky over New Mexico early Sunday, carrying Branson and three fellow crewmembers.

Branson -— along with Virgin Galactic employees Beth Moses, Colin Bennett, and Sirisha Bandla and pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci — boarded the SpaceShipTwo, a winged plane with a single rocket motor the company has spent nearly two decades developing, before the crack of dawn. Attached beneath its massive, twin-fuselage mothership, dubbed WhiteKnightTwo, the vehicle took to the skies at 8:30 am MT and climbed to about 50,000 feet in the air.

What this means - from outer space back to Earth

Branson's flight — which came just nine days before Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is slated to rocket into suborbital space aboard his own company's spacecraft — is a landmark moment for the commercial space industry. The up-and-coming sector has for years been seeking to make suborbital space tourism (a relatively simple straight-up-and-down flight, as opposed to orbiting the Earth for longer periods) a viable business with the aim of allowing thousands of people to experience the adrenaline rush and sweeping views of our home planet that such flights can offer.

Virgin Galactic plans to conduct just one more test flight before it will begin flying paying customers. More than 600 people have reserved tickets priced at $200,000 to $250,000 so far. The company is expected to reopen ticket sales soon, though at a higher price point

Virgin Galactic's share price plunged below $40 on today's market session.

Alex Vieira Perfect Calls on AMC, SPCE, GME. YouTube Livestream Validates Multi-Million Dollar Profit for Any Investor
Would you like to make millions of dollars investing in companies as AMC, GameStop, and Virgin Galactic without any risk using the guidance of the legend Alex Vieira and AI Perelman algorithm? Learn about options and pricing.
Google YouTube Validates Alex Vieira Calls on GME. SPCE. AMC. Multi-Million Dollar Profit.

How Virgin Galactic got here - strategies to make $1 billion

Virgin Galactic moved into its facilities in New Mexico in May 2019 after years of delay. The glitzy building, called Spaceport America, was paid for with more than $200 million in mostly taxpayer money, and it had been waiting nearly a decade for Virgin Galactic to move in and open for business.

Alex Vieira calls SPCE stock rally from single digits to $60 twice, never missing a call since IPO, an outstanding achievement. Elena
Alex Vieira Buys Virgin Galactic Ticket to the Moon Investing in Space Travel. Tik Tok!
Learn why small investors and billionaires all over the world bought Virgin Galactic shares after betting on its crash by following the legend Alex Vieira AI stock analysis for space travel.
Alex Vieira Live on Virgin Galactic
Legend Who Called Virgin Galactic Crash Forecasts $358 Million Profit Buying Shares Today! Do Not Sell!
We bought the largest amount of Virgin Galactic shares. We strongly recommend that you invest in Virgin Galactic if you wish to make over $400 million profit by following the legendary investor Alex Vieira who made all the calls since IPO.
Alex Vieira on Investment Strategies to Make $1 billion

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Autonomous Trading carried out Live TV sessions with chat for small investors and beginners, answering common questions about space travel, space technology, and investing in space stocks. As a result, Virgin Galactic shareholders' profit soared 22,000%. Learn about the best space stocks.

Space Live TV. Virgin Galactic. SpaceX. Blue Origin. Legend Answers Investor Questions.
Autonomous Trading carried out a Live TV session with chat for small investors and beginners, answering common questions about space travel, space technology, and investing in space stocks. As a result, Virgin Galactic shareholders’ profit soared 22,000%. Learn about the best space stocks.

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