Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

ROKU has a tremendous upside compared to most stocks in the U.S stock market, therefore I bought more as people started taking profits ahead of earnings sending its share price down to $97

AI Robotic Trading Deep Learning Algorithm Buy ROKU Guarantees $10 Million Profit for Investors

watch the presentation based on actual live bot trading

Live AI Bot trading

Read Alex comments

Who does not want to buy a stock ready to double? only losers listening to Jeffrey Gundlach! Alex

I bought, the AI bot bought, and everyone of my team is long ROKU.

Autonomous Live AI Trading Bot on How to Make $100 Million Investing in ROKU

Execute and get 8 digit profit long-term. Contact your broker today to buy 100,000 shares tomorrow! Alex

ROKU share price soared to $113 after-hours

Real brokerage accounts from actual clients

Autonomous Trading LivePerson Shareholders Profit Soars 2,630%

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