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Alex Vieira recommends buying shares of aiming at 1,000% profit while maintaining a lifetime investment in PayPal, his number one financial stock.

Buy Overstock (OSTK) was upgraded to Strong Buy at $3 after the Federal Reserve announced a bailout program in excess of $7 trillion dollars.

The FED can send shares to ANY price! Call your broker today! Alex
FED Bails Out OVERSTOCK.COM! Buy at Any Price! - Autonomous AI Trading
FED Powell is here! No bankruptcy looming for is much better than Amazon No one is going bankrupt. I’m in charge. Powell is my name.

Overstock (OSTK) closed the session at $16

Invest in PayPal

No one has ever lost money investing in PayPal. He recommends that you buy shares of PayPal forever since his followers loaded up on IPO.

PayPal makes a NEW millionaire every month. Alex
Market Legend No One Has Ever Lost Money Investing in PayPal
Not even during the market crash of 2018 PayPal investors lost money. To learn more what No One Else Knew About Paypal that Changed Thousands of Lives read this article.
Alex Vieira on PayPal - legendary investment lessons!

Now, learn how Shopify creates a NEW billionaire every year!

Intuitive Code CEO Raises Shopify to $800 Ahead of Earnings
Shopify is the number one investment choice for Intuitive Code CEO. She explains her point of view given solid reasons to invest in Shopify. Learn why Shopify could be headed to $800 making a comparison to other companies as Tesla, Wayfair, and Peloton.

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