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It's the worst market crash in history! The legendary investor who downgraded Boeing to Strong Sell $440, urged investors to quadruple short positions sending shares into a spiral down to $120. Markets lost $11 trillion dollars, and it's not about thee coronavirus!

I sold my position in Boeing going short. Don't see much upside left with Americans buying en masse on upgrades. Nikolay
Selling Boeing Live Downgrading to Strong Sell

Quadrupling Boeing Bearish Stake

We informed investors to quadruple Boeing short positions since profits.

CIRCUIT BREAKER LIVE! Boeing Crash on Alex Vieira Forecast by autonomoustrading on

Alex Vieira Downgrades U.S Stock Market to Junk

Alex Vieira who described in 2019 to investors what is today happening came out warning investors downgrading to Junk in 2020. The markets lost $11 trillion dollars since then.

Legend Who Called Best Stock Rally in Decades is Taking Profits by autonomoustrading on

Boeing Worst Crash in History
A.I Trading Small Investors Show Astonishing Brokerage Accounts Profits
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