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In the past two weeks, Alex Vieira released a second warning to those investing in Netflix following a major warning signal dumping the stock ahead of a stunning earning miss while Wall Street continued raising targets to $500.

Course Getting Started with AI Trading Leaks Netflix Earnings Downgrading $385 Sparking Crash
AI Vision Fund sold its stake in Netflix turning bearish. Netflix share price has been decimated in the past two days to $316 using AI Robotic Trading. Alex Vieira alerts investors for Morgan Stanley FRAUD.
Every subscriber to AI Trading, including those with access to the newly revised version of the course on how to get started with AI, were warned about the strong possibility of Netflix losing its primary trend for the first time in history. Alex

Just a few days ago we released a real-time trade signal on Netflix at $299 ahead of other crash. This week Netflix share plunged to $268, whereas ROKU crashed to $103 after Alex Vieira released a stunning bearish forecast at $175

The legendary investor has turned bearish Netflix for the first time in history of the company selling entirely his position at $420

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Netflix crashes breaking its primary trend

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