Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

I became a billionaire investing in Amazon. I have been a long-term investor in Amazon for more than a decade. I wrote more than 250 articles, investment lessons reiterating Strong Buy on Amazon naming it the best tech company in the world along with Intuitive Surgical and Netflix. I am out reporting 28,800% profit.


Amazon Ahead of Earnings!

This is the bottom in Amazon ahead of earnings posted live on Twitter.

Amazon After Earnings - Donald Trump ANNIHILATION

I had a dream which I shared with my customers. Amazon would be bigger than Apple. Amazon is today bigger than Apple. I still remember the days Americans named Amazon a retailer comparing it to WallMart and Starbucks. Obviously, Warren Buffett has never invested in Amazon, Netflix, or Intuitive Surgical. How could he?

Furthermore, I repeatdly said do NOT ever trust Donald Trump. To start with refer to my free investment idea available on the web - Forget Trump. Buy Intuitive Surgical. The fact is that ISRG share price gained more than $700 per share price then. The same had to happen to Amazon, and Netflix, my primary investments in the U.S stock market.

Give me a name of a President calling U.S companies scams on social media. There is only one - Trump. Is this individual sane? well 60% of Americans voted for him. He is a sort of Natiaonal hero over there.




Alex Vieira Sells Amazon Stake $1654 on AI Trading BOT 1 by IntuitiveCode on


New AI Trading Platform

I am taking time out to develop the new AI platform as well as a brand new website. More on this matter available to subscribers. I am always looking for to be ahead of everyone else. With regards to Amazon I wish to long-term investors good luck, maybe one day you can see it trading at $2000.

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