Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

AIG is one of the largest short positions in the U.S stock market. The American SCAM has been pumped by American crooks into irrational prices all over again for the benefit of the world's best investors to sell short stupid Americans.

Warren Buffett FRAUD

Everyone can gamble with others' people money. You just need stupid Americans to believe in con artists as Warren Buffett forecasts.

Americans are irrationally stupid. They repeat the same mistakes over and over. Alex Vieira
Kraft Heinz: Warren Buffett Dangerous Ignorant vs. AI Vision Investment Philosophy - Autonomous AI Trading
Kraft Heinz one of the best selling short opportunities in the U.S stock market. Disregard Warren Buffett a Dangerous Ignorant!
Warren Buffett is a fraud
Shocking Truth about Warren Buffett and McDonald’s Crash
Learn the truth about what’s going in the markets including the famous American investor Warren Buffett and McDonald’s stock crash. Alex Vieira has been teaching thousands of investors for free since 1989
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein

AIG American SCAM Bubble is Back! Short! by autonomoustrading on

Why Listen to Einstein?

You surely are not going to compare a true genius as Einstein to an American crook as Warren Buffett! Are you?

Einstein Theory of Relatively Live Predicting Worst Stock Crash since 1996
It might be shocking to learn that stock prices are determined, but the undeniable proof is demonstrated in thousands of case studies published addressing the stock market, cryptocurrencies, commodities and forex. Herein, Intuitive Code discusses the worst crash in Abercrombie stock since 1996.

Einstein's Free Insight

Learn more how to make $1 billion in the stock market instead of relying on fake crooks.

Alex Vieira Downgrades S&P500 to Strong Sell Forecast Crash by autonomoustrading on

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