AI Vision Stock to Soar 250% on Short Squeeze!

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AI Vision CEO, Alex Vieira closed his long-term short position in this company saying a a short squeeze could take its share price 250% higher. Install AI Vision free app to learn how to invest in the markets for free!

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What's So Special?

A lot of stuff, but undoubtedly the free course on how to invest is the most valuable.

Therein, I and everyone else found

  • live trading on video sharing some of the best market calls in history;
  • the best stocks to invest in 2019 (I doubled my position in these names after the list was made available);
  • fun interactive quizzes;
  • when to close my short position in Apple;
  • whether to have a long or short position in Apple ahead of earnings;
  • a stock which share price has rallied 170% since he mentioned it in the course.

People Have Been Using a Free APP to Make Millions in the Markets.

Alex did it again. From 2017 to the end of 2018, he saved everyone from losing their money gambling in cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he has saved people from losing their money believing in individuals as Jeffrey Gundlach announcing a bear market at the bottom.