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Chipotle shares are one of the hottest assets on the planet after Alex Vieira urged investors to buy more shares ahead of a stellar earnings report. Chipotle soared near $400 per share since his upgrade to Strong Buy. We are now short Boeing!

Trader Turns $300,000 into $1 Million Investing in Chipotle, Netflix and IBM

Alex Vieira Buy Chipotle Now! Stellar Earnings Ahead!

Chipotle closed the session at $631 new all-time highs in 2019 as investors all over the world continued bidding up its price on a frenzy.

It's a madness of profits. It's money raining daily into everyone accounts for free. Alex

Why I am a Billionaire and Believer in Chipotle is My Life.

The long-term bull in Boeing is now short the stock for the first time in a decade. AI Vision Fund downgraded Boeing to Sell at $441.

I sold my position in Boeing going short. Don't see much upside left with Americans buying en masse on upgrades. Nikolay

If the truth is known Boeing share price is going to take a dive. The question is whether corrupt money can be used to hide the truth.

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